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Today in complex world, International trade is a highly specialized area. One of the most important aspects of international trade is to provide the commercial services to the respectful businessmen in the country of origin and destinations.

Caspian Trans Asia is having certain knowledge, experience, domination on the international trade rules, Incoterms and also the local regulations of trade partner countries is necessary for the trade work. Acquaintance of the rules & regulations of countries customs, process of entrance & exit of goods from customs, and also the process of investment, attract & support of investors by the governments is a requirement for the trade work which Sepahan Hamrah is ready to provide such services.

Some of the Specialized Commercial Services of Caspian Trans:

  • Free expert advice in commercial field by skilled customs and commercial experts based on the last commercial country’s customs circulars, rules and regulations

  • Estimate and announce all shipping fees of clearance (based on product value, legal fees, etc.) prior to receive the goods at the origin(based on invoice, catalogs, brochures and documents)

  • Enter into a valid contract based on the invoice and the information provided to calculate the costs

  • Announcing shipping and customs clearance fees in 24 hours


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